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## Preview
[Cascadia Code]( + [Cartograph CF]( = [Cascursive](./dist/Cascursive)
[Nanum Gothic Coding]( + [Dank Mono]( = [Danum Gothic](./dist/Danum%20Gothic)
![Danum Gothic](
[Fira Code]( + [Operator Mono]( = [Fisa Code](./dist/Fisa%20Code)
![Fisa Code](
[Lilex]( + [Operator Mono]( = [Lexsa](./dist/Lexsa)
[Lucida Console]( + [MonoLisa]( = [Lemonade](./dist/Lemonade)
[Monaco](<>) + [MonoLisa]( = [Macon](./dist/Macon)
[Recursive Mono]( + [Cartograph CF]( = [Recursive](./dist/Recursive)
[The Mix Mono]( + `Script12 BT` = [The Mix iScript](./dist/The%20Mix%20iScript)
![The Mix iScript](
## What's this?
You may have seen some fonts with cursive italic styles, for example [Operator Mono]( and [Dank Mono](
But do you know that you can patch your favorite fonts with cursive italics from these fonts?
This repository provides utilities to help you do this.
There are also some patched fonts available for downloading in the [/dist](./dist) directory and the [release page](, all of them support complete nerd font symbols and ligatures.
## Patch your favorite fonts
Read this post: [Patch Fonts with Cursive Italic Styles](